About E-Cigs

Quit Smoking – Start Vaping!

Electronic cigarettes are taking the smoking industry by storm! Over 2 billion e-cigarettes have been sold and the numbers keep climbing. Industry giants have joined the fray as the old adage, “if you can’t beat them, join them” seems to be the mantra coming out of the big tobacco companies. A large percentage of smokers that try “vaping” report success in quiting traditional tobacco products that are combusted. This is great news for smokers as the failure of patches, gum and prescribed drugs have finally met their match. Try vaping and see if you can join the mass of people who have successfully quit smoking!

But what do you do with so many choices? That’s where we come in to help you. Whether you’re new to e-cigarettes or an experienced vaper, the staff at Tobacco Joes stands ready to provide you expert assistance. No long lines like you experience at other well known e-cig stores; no waiting period from internet purchases; no “guessing” when you purchase an e-liquid as you can use our FREE Vapor Bar and try out any or all of our famous Twilight Vapor E-Liquids!

Tobacco Joes has several brands of “Disposables” for those of you who like to “smoke for a day and throw away”. We have 2 great rechargeable analogs (VapeCigs and Blacklight) with inexpensive replacement cartridges (singles and 5-packs) that even work with Blu Cigs. For more advanced vaping choices, we have many different choices of batteries, mods, tanks (including rebuildable types) and fun accessories to complement your styling desires!